A Treasured Pondering

And Mary said: “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for he has been mindful of the humble state of his servant.” Luke 1: 46-48a So they hurried off and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby, who was lying in the manger. When they … Read More

guest blog…Thinking Out Loud ~ The Dopeler Effect

I read this blog earlier this week and thought it warranted sharing. The word mindful is popping up everywhere in my work. This blog gave me a “take-away”. Even though teaching and ministry have their own unique set of opportunities and challenges the underlying theme is the same: produce, produce, … Read More

Calming words for my Anxiety

Anyone who faces or has undergone a great loss knows what it means to need, to count on someone, some thing, some source other than your own insufficient bits of sanity ~ in order to take the next step into another day. The author of Psalm 4 knows this well and … Read More

Green Pastures

Welcome guest blogger Sally Baker… I have a sweet cocker spaniel named Penny.  She’s about 7 years old and just full of energy.  Each day, she runs the farm we live on at least 2 times and as many as four.  We think she probably runs at least 3 miles … Read More

To be a part of the greatest Fish Story ever told….

What would it take for you to drop everything and pursue an entirely new life?  Why would you? You have a life.  What do you think? What would prompt you to take off from everything you know for something entirely different? What if it was a former carpenter and itinerant preacher talking about … Read More

“BELLY UP” Can an old dog learn new tricks?

Welcome Guest Blogger ~ Becky Morlok    I’ve been a member of my church’s handbell choir for over 22 years. Accomplished in piano and organ, I confess I had never picked up a handbell when one of my colleagues persuaded me to join the newly formed Chancel Chimers at First … Read More

Becoming Real

When our oldest son was born, 
a friend of the family gave him the book, 
The Velveteen Rabbit. 
It chronicles a fictional the story of a 
stuffed rabbit and his quest to become 
real through the love of his owner.
 The book, a metaphor of life’ s struggles, 
was first … Read More


It begins with God calling Moses to the mountain. What an incredible invitation to meet God – a private encounter!*  I mean, he[Moses] was only being challenged to bring back commandments that will shape a band of runaway slaves into a community, and a nation. Lucky Moses! He waits, and … Read More

the COACH approach in COLLEGE life

WELCOME…Guest Blogger: The Rev. Jennifer Fouse Sheorn, PCUSA Campus Minister, Furman University Greenville, SC I get asked a lot, “What exactly is coaching?”  The follow-up question usually is, “How do college students/young adults respond to coaching?”  Coaching has become a wonderful resource for me as a pastor who serves and works … Read More

LOVE in the Clouds

Nod your head if you like Country and Western songs? Sometimes these are called “somebody-done-somebody-wrong songs.” You might have heard the phrase, that if you play a country song backwards you get back your truck, your dog, your job, and your wife or husband. Perhaps so many county songs are … Read More