How long ?

This will depend on your needs. Some people find that they only need a few sessions while other people value more ongoing support and the opportunity to look in more depth at their lives, past and present. We will review our work regularly to see if further sessions are needed and agree together about what is best. An average for our clientel is 6-10 50min sessions.

Is it confidential?

Confidentiality lies at the heart of the Coaching relationship and is essential for success. Confidentiality enables a level of trust to become established which is the foundation for exploring issues and expressing feelings.

What about cancellations?

There will be no fee charged for sessions cancelled up to 24 hours in advance. Less than this the normal fees will apply.


Things people usually want to know before they call:

  • Our fee for coaching is $135 per hour.
  • The details of a Coaching Agreement (goals and outcomes) are agreed upon between Coach and Client.
  • Typical individual agreements are 8-10 sessions.
  • Typical agreements/contracts with organizations are customized based on need.
  • Client or Coach can negotiate termination of and individual contract/covenant if needed, for any reason.
  • Client is billed after sessions take place (usually once a month). You can pay fees via check, PayPal or automatic deposit.