YES, and…

Last week, I was in Galveston, Texas with Ministers, Youth Directors, Christian Educators, Seminary Profs, PCUSA  leaders, and friends. I relished the opportunity to learn, be inspired, and have the chance to do some coaching. It was the annual APCE conference. Early in the week, a group of us in … Read More

A mix of “march” and “dance.”

Lead from a Different Place by Lawrence Peers      “In a recent coaching conversation, I was impressed with how well a pastor had lined up his whole church year in advance. He had themes for each month laid out neatly in a liturgical calendar with sermon topics, scriptures, and … Read More

No Trivial Pursuits

Welcome Guest Blogger Allen McSween A number of years ago there was a popular game called Trivial Pursuits. We used to love to play it with our family at the beach. At one point they dubbed me “The Prince of Trivia”– not a very good title for a minister of … Read More