“I feel like every time I leave a session I have been given a dose of hope and positive energy. It is so helpful as I seek to tackle some of the tough decisions I face.”Martin
“Thanks to you and helping me set my goal, I had surgery as planned and I am doing great. Just getting over another hurdle in life is such a successful, gratifying feeling. I hope we can keep in touch, especially because you are someone who has helped make such a difference in my life.”Jean

“When planning for retirement, I contracted with Debbie Foster for a series of monthly coaching sessions (some in person, some by telephone) to help me discern how best to spend my time and energies in this next phase of ministry. Through testing instruments, artful questions and careful listening, she helped me discern where God was leading and what my most helpful contributions might be. In the five years since, she has also remained available to touch base as needed for reflection or updating—and in the process, I have gained a trusted friend!”David Cozad, Interim Pastor, Central Presbyterian, Atlanta, and Pastor Emeritus of 1st Presbyterian, Aiken SC

“Working with a Coach has helped me navigate a very tough relationship with courage and honesty. At the same time I was able to be true to my self and keep focus on the issues and not get overwhelmed by perception.”Monica
“Debbie worked with my teen age daughter. She was in a bad relationship, had very low self esteem to the point we were worried. The Coach approached worked with her and she began to recognize her strengths, regain her own voice and gradually take steps to get out of her bad relationship. It has been a long road. She has been there with us the whole way.”Sandra

“What a blessing it has been to have a Coach. I was in a major career transition, feeling stuck in my previous job and not sure how to take the leap of faith into a new opportunity. My coach never told me what to do, but listened and helped me “unpack” my goals, strengths and re-focus in order to make the best decision in my next career move. This has been one of the best things I ever did for myself.”Barbara
“My wife and I used Reverend Foster to help better understand each other with an outside perspective before we entered in to marriage. We thought, as most engaged couples probably do, that we were a great fit for one another. However, it was an incredible resource to have someone with pastoring and marriage counseling experience to help us evaluate the strengths of our relationship and areas that may need more attention. Reverend Foster had the two of us answer a questionnaire separately, helped us to evaluate the results and commented on how our answers might impact our relationship. These were not only questions about ourselves but also about each other. That really encouraged us to talk openly with a mediator about how to bring ourselves even closer together than we were when we got engaged. She met with us multiple times and you could tell that she put time and effort in to studying our relationship before coming in to talk with us about our results and our previous meetings. Her process is an opportunity to give your most honest thoughts about where you are in your relationship and have someone to help guide you to the best marriage that you and your future spouse can have.”
Jenna and Jerry Wiles

“With acute insights gained through years of experience in the church, Debbie kept me balanced and steady as a leader carrying a congregation through a difficult time of transition and conflict. Her expansive knowledge and understanding in family systems and congregational life gave insights that provided me with alternative ways to lead that resulted in congregational harmony and a sense of peace in own my ministry. Her down to earth approach coupled with her intuitive insights shifted the paradigms that were stalling my personal and professional growth. I would not be where I am today without her. She is a master at her craft and anyone looking for a compassionate coach that can help launch you to a new level of leadership, would do well to hire Debbie Foster.”Rev. Tricia G. Lytle

“I thought my son needed counseling, but the SAC Coaching team suggested that my husband and I try some parent coaching. It has been great. We leave each session with new tools, which help us make better decisions and be better parents. They worked with our family “style”, listened to our needs and guided us to figure out what we need to do for our family”Sara Johnson
“When I was stuck emotionally and professionally, Debbie was the caring resource I needed to find the way forward. Her knowledge of the right tools and her gift of listening were what I needed to find the path that was right for me.”Rev. Beth Hoskins

“Debbie Foster is friendly, orderly, informed, adapted well to our group, had a good energy level, balanced individual and group attention… Debbie is good at guiding us toward a goal. Good at choosing activities…on a scale of 1 to 5 she is a FIVE! …the best word for Debbie as a facilitator: disciple. She was very positive, kept us on time, has awesome insight…Great Retreat! Debbie’s presentation was excellent, clear, and informative…she didn’t talk down to our group. The retreat was very Upbeat! Several would like to hear more about other churches and how they handle the same problems we have. Debbie is a good listener…she accepted the data and made decisions based on the data but was very open to the Holy Spirit. I believe these thoughts are indicative of the positive Spirit filled Retreat that we experienced in May! Thank you Debbie Foster!”
-Session Pickens Presbyterian Church