“Partnering with a certified Coach empowered me to make a major transition in my professional career. What I gained gave me renewed confidence in all of my relationships. I became a better leader, parent, volunteer, and friend. Now, as a certified Coach myself, I encourage anyone who is pondering who they are or wondering what to do, to partner with a coach. It will help you discover your strengths and how to leverage those strengths to their fullest potential. Discover the Coach Approach! I collaborate with other trained and certified Coaches and Professionals. We work closely to help you figure out what your are doing right, where you are getting stuck…and how to implement positive change in your personal life and career.”


COACHING has proven to have very powerful results when a person is ready to learn more about him/herself and his/her relationships with others. It is a combination of deepening learning about negotiating and reacting to the environment, as well as forwarding action toward making long term behavior changes. People find that once they clearly understand where they are today and where they want to be, closing that gap will enable them to enhance interpersonal effectiveness, make a career or personal change, improve their business results and/or create a more satisfying and successful life.

The Coaching Relationship allows you to:

-Take more, better and smarter actions. You create the vision and the goals you want. Our initial work together will focus on identifying what you want. This is different from what you “could, should, ought to and have to do.” When you can envision your desired future, you will naturally and consistently make choices that honor your values.

– Understand your own and others’ preferred communication styles. You will have a distinct advantage in your professional or business environment and enjoy more satisfying relationships when you can fully discern the preferred styles with which you and others communicate. When you understand yourself and others, rapport is quickly established, and communication becomes more effective.

– Stretch yourself. You will find yourself stretching out of your comfort zone and experiencing growth in the areas of discomfort.

– Use the power of language to enhance your effectiveness. Looking at the words you use in everyday conversations provides insight into how your and others’ experiences might be deleted, distorted and/or generalized. We’ll explore areas where language holds you back and find more effective language that supports and serves you.

– Make better decisions. As your coach, I am fully committed to supporting your overall agenda and the agenda you bring to each of our conversations. To that end, my role is to be vigilant in ensuring your decisions are in service of what you want to achieve or accomplish. I will “hold” your agenda.

– Have more sustainable energy. When you are living in the present and not tangled in the past or caught up in what could or might happen in the future, your energy is focused, productive and free of tolerations and problems.