Before First Steps

Things people usually want to know before they call:

  • Our fees for coaching range from $90.00-$150.00 per session.
  • The details of a Coaching Agreement (goals and outcomes) are agreed upon between Coach and Client.
  • Typical individual agreements are 8-10 sessions.
  • Typical agreements/contracts with organizations are customized based on need.
  • Client or Coach can negotiate termination of and individual contract/covenant if needed, for any reason.
  • Client is billed after sessions take place (usually once a month).
  • You can pay fees via check, PayPal or automatic deposit.

First Step

Contact us and learn more about what hiring for you , your ministry or organization looks like.
• Schedule an intro call. I will LISTEN, ask open and honest questions in an effort to match you with the coach that beset fits you, your ministry or organizations needs.
• Create a schedule/contract that works for you, your ministry or organization

Second Step

• Assess and Inventory – Complete the Coaching Foundations form:
• If applicable, arrange to take the ADVanced Insights Inventory Profile

Coaching Begins

Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams!

• Vision
• Map

• Explore
• Discover

• Evaluate
• Nourish


• Transformation begins and you, your ministry or organization begin to become more centered.
• Realistic expectations and clear objectives for the future are named.
• Less chaos exists
• New rhythms and resources have been aligned to support your vision.