Be mindful of what you leave behind!

It’s hot out there folks.
Be mindful of what you leave behind!

by Becky Morlok

It’s been said the mark of a true leader is how he/she leaves you feeling after having been in their presence. Have you ever considered the wake you leave from your daily encounters with people?

I’ve been blessed by an incredibly gifted cousin, Amy Crews, a renowned artist in Birmingham, AL. We are bookends (I, the oldest, Amy, the youngest) of seven granddaughters our mothers gave our grandparents. Our careers have had their share of twists and turns including jobs in media. Amy’s award-winning art has been featured in such places as the Alabama Governor’s Mansion, Southern Living at Home and an HGTV Dream Home. Visit Amy Crews Gallery and see what I mean.

All of Amy’s work is divinely inspired including her prose. She also writes a blog. With her permission, I’m sharing a piece she wrote years ago.

         FANCY PANTS

“What kind of impression do you leave behind?”
Based on a true story.

Written by Amy Crews.

My Mom gave me something new to wear,       
On Christmas day you see,
A nice new pair of fancy pants,
That I accepted gratefully.

I tried them on and modeled,
And Mom and I agreed,
They fit me well and looked quite nice,
But we didn’t know they’d BLEED!

First, there it was–blue on my socks!
And my legs were blue as well!
“Poor circulation!” I exclaimed,
But… I was feeling well.

It was also on my shirt tails,
and even on my underwear,
On my sofa, and my car seat,
Just pretty much everywhere!

I went into my bathroom,
Washed my hands when I was through,
And then I saw my “impression”,
On the seat were thighs of blue!

Where else had I been?!
Where else had I sat?!
And I quickly related,
My walk of faith to that.

Wherever it is we go,
What do we leave behind?
Traces of our Savior?
Were we really very kind?

To the woman at the grocery,
The gentleman at the bank,
Was there anyone at all,
That we forgot to thank?

When passing by a stranger,
Do we stop and share a smile?
Or are we too busy with ourselves,
To share our self awhile?

Let’s imagine we all wore,
This outfit just today,
And reflect for a moment,
What the Bible has to say.

Love one another,
And do not be content,
When it comes to sharing God’s love,
We must give 100 percent!

We are in His image,
The sheep of His hand,
Wherever our path takes us,
In His presence, we should stand.

What a silly example,
Of my faith, this poem must be,
But you can see my fancy pants,
Sure made an impression on me!

(Note from the author: These were maternity pants from Target. The Customer Service Rep appreciated my story and found me amusing as you can imagine. She did let me return them.)

~From the desk of  Becky Morlok       

Much love to my sister-cousins, Cynthia, Laura Lynn, Sarah and Amy.