Who are you and what are you doing here?

Many centuries ago in the land of Israel, one of the early rabbis was returning home from a long day in the House of Study. It was later than usual, and as he walked home, the sun set. Lost deep in thought, he took the left fork instead of the … Read More

Less Than

There is a great deal of history tied up in the book of Mark*. Turn back the pages of your Bible , to 2 Kings and you can read what and why there was such a thing as a temple treasury, and why it came to be and what the Old Testament prophets had … Read More

A Treasured Pondering

And Mary said: “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for he has been mindful of the humble state of his servant.” Luke 1: 46-48a So they hurried off and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby, who was lying in the manger. When they … Read More

guest blog…Thinking Out Loud ~ The Dopeler Effect

I read this blog earlier this week and thought it warranted sharing. The word mindful is popping up everywhere in my work. This blog gave me a “take-away”. Even though teaching and ministry have their own unique set of opportunities and challenges the underlying theme is the same: produce, produce, … Read More

Calming words for my Anxiety

Anyone who faces or has undergone a great loss knows what it means to need, to count on someone, some thing, some source other than your own insufficient bits of sanity ~ in order to take the next step into another day. The author of Psalm 4 knows this well and … Read More

Green Pastures

Welcome guest blogger Sally Baker… I have a sweet cocker spaniel named Penny.  She’s about 7 years old and just full of energy.  Each day, she runs the farm we live on at least 2 times and as many as four.  We think she probably runs at least 3 miles … Read More

To be a part of the greatest Fish Story ever told….

What would it take for you to drop everything and pursue an entirely new life?  Why would you? You have a life.  What do you think? What would prompt you to take off from everything you know for something entirely different? What if it was a former carpenter and itinerant preacher talking about … Read More

“BELLY UP” Can an old dog learn new tricks?

Welcome Guest Blogger ~ Becky Morlok    I’ve been a member of my church’s handbell choir for over 22 years. Accomplished in piano and organ, I confess I hadnever picked up a handbell when one of my colleagues persuaded me to join the newly formed Chancel Chimers at First Presbyterian. … Read More

Becoming Real

When our oldest son was born, 
a friend of the family gave him the book, 
The Velveteen Rabbit. 
It chronicles a fictional the story of a 
stuffed rabbit and his quest to become 
real through the love of his owner.
 The book, a metaphor of life’ s struggles, 
was first … Read More


It begins with God calling Moses to the mountain. What an incredible invitation to meet God – a private encounter!*  I mean, he[Moses] was only being challenged to bring back commandments that will shape a band of runaway slaves into a community, and a nation. Lucky Moses! He waits, and … Read More